The best-selling repairative product in Greece

Palessaki is a pioneering repairer for furniture. It repairs scratches and knocks on wood, varnished or from synthetic materials and is intended for  indoors and outdoors use. Available in 8 shades (White, Black, Oak, Oak, Walnut, Brown, Cherry, Wegge)

Palessaki is specialy formulated to have unparalleled advantages.

• The repair is permanent and withstands frequent cleaning and daily use. 

• It can be apllied on any surface without the prior need for sanding.     

• It is suitable for repairs on synthetic wood-imitation materials such as melamine, laminate, bakelite, deck, etc.    

 • Available in White, Black and 6 natural shades, which can be easily blended together to achieve thousands of new shades and pal colors.    

 • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, without being affected by solar radiation or moisture.

• It is water-soluble, odorless and can be used indoors, in children’s rooms, hospitals, public buildings, etc.

• It dries fast and can be applied successively if necessary.     

• The film (crust) it creates makes it hard and durable but at the same time elastic, allowing it to follow the contractions and expansions of the wood without popping.

Application instructions:

Stir the palessaki before every use. Use the brush to put small amounts to the points you want to repair. Any additional material, wipe it with the spatula. If necessary, repeat the process. So simple!

Watch the product presentation video:

Thousands of shades!You can mix Palessaki hues together, to achieve the shade that suits exactly to your surface.

For pal shades, consult the Mix guide, using the White color as base.

Each new placement is accompanied by desk stand, dimensions:

Height 43cm, width 18cm, length 40cm.

In which 5 blisters fit each shade (Total 40 pieces)

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